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I have lived in the Crystal Lake area for over 30 years with my wife Wendy, where we raised our children. I have been with WealthCamp Advisors for over 14 years now, I had worked for NBT, which focused on tax-deferred savings and financial tools such as life insurance for family protection. Our client base was employees of large corporations and institutions nationwide. There I became educated on the importance of core financial educational concepts dealing with principal protection, emergency savings, and income planning for retirement.

I enjoy the Social Security claiming strategies course, and completed my certification requirements prescribed by "The Corporation for Social Security Claiming Strategies Board of Standards and was awarded the "Certification in Social Security Claiming Strategies". My financial skills include helping people create as large of a tax-free income as possible. Using the ABC planning process, we help clients to define different types of money that they have perhaps never understood. Understanding the different types of assets and why a client should be familiar with why they should own those assets, is a much overlooked duty of the advisor/client process. Learning before you make such important decisions goes a long way to building a successful retirement. In addition, the last few years we have worked with a majority of our small business owners and clients of moderate wealth to create tax-free life income. For many of my clients, we are witnessing a significant increase in rolling over 401k's into volatility controlled assets to reduce risk of loss of income in retirement as well as enhancing the net worth and net estate value.

In addition to insurance and financial advisory services, I enjoy and deeply commit to helping hundreds of people gain an understanding of Medicare, lecturing for over 12 years on the subject. Similarly, teaching clients about the state of long-term care in the U. S. and how it is imperative to ensure all future and current retirees have some plan of attack to procure a strategy for receiving long-term care help and or a plan to ensure the right insurance is purchased, is critical as a steward in this industry.

"'Wendy and I enjoy traveling, gardening, following Chicago sport teams, have a large family and enjoy our time spent with the whole crew. We have been active in our church, St. Matthew Lutheran Church, in Hawthorn Woods, Illinois where Wendy and I joined in marriage, we continue our work with local community service groups, as well as various charitable organizations. We additionally like to be relational with our clients and friends.

In the fall of 2017, I was asked to join the board of directors of the Empowered Poor Charity. I gladly accepted. Empowered Poor, Inc. raises money to help families in India receive micro-loans so they may build small business to create an independent, successful lifestyle.

As an insurance and financial adviser with WealthCamp Advisory Team, it has been my pleasure to service our clients in the greater Chicago area, the Northwest suburbs and multiple states.

My focus on diagnosing the financial problems you have allows me to assist you in providing successful, predictable results. You know, a process isn't successful unless it offers predictable results. Therefore, through the use of our 4-step process and your client partnership with WealthCamp, you are able to define and implement a plan with positive predictable results. It is this lifelong client partnership, working together toward the same goal, your goal, that brings your retirement dream to fruition.

Over the years our family like so many others, has experienced major health issues that have impacted both our savings and our plans. I have learned firsthand that unexpected circumstances can devour a family's savings and retirement plans. My wife Wendy has been blessed with good health after going through Hodgkin cancer three times in the 1990's and then a lung-transplant in 2014. Our daughter Katie survived a near death accident in which she suffered traumatic brain injury in 2005. Through perseverance she made a 95% recovery and was married in November, 2018. I recovered from a bout with non-Hodgkin lymphoma in 2015. For this reason it is my goal to do everything possible to help my clients find the best products to preserve their principal, grow profitably, guiding them in a direction of financial success.

Aren't you ready to review solutions to such issues as tax-burdens in retirement, running out of income, and positioning your money where your assets best belong? Learn how to increase income, avoid high volatility, reduce taxation, and get peace of mind.

Scott Goodman, CSSCS
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